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Clothe your jester avatar, offer a loving irl gesture, all in one carbon negative transaction.

Every NFT on ReVesture offsets carbon & helps to fund regenerative projects.


Carbon negative NFTs supporting regenerative projects.

About ReVesture

The MetaVerse is constantly expanding. More and more Worlds are populated every day. And in these worlds, we all want to strut our virtual stuff...


What if you could have pixelated EcoSwag? And what if this pixelated EcoSwag included a token verifying your carbon offset on-chain?

And what if it also included royalty and revenue splits to your favorite regenerative project on our favorite crypto donation platform?
Yea, I’d put those kicks on with pride. I'd wear my sunglasses inside at night even.

In the quickly changing real world, businesses and individuals alike are increasingly choosing accountability for their carbon footprint.

ReVesture can help anyone do that with a little fun attached.

Verifiable proofs via NFTs

Offering you some flare to participate in a growing number of virtual worlds.

If you're going to offset carbon for yourself, your business, or just to save the world... or if you’d like to help fund regenerative projects around the globe...why not have that come with an avatar or wearable for your avatar, usable in an eco friendly environment with every bell and whistle you can imagine and create? Have fun, stay grounded.

Tech TL;DR

ReVesture uses smart-contracts via artistic NFTs (non-fungible tokens) containing NCTs (Nature Carbon Tonne).

NCTs are ERC-20 tokens on the Polygon blockchain backed 1:1 with a nature-based carbon token held in the Nature Carbon Pool of the Toucan Protocol. They are redeemable for TCO2 tokens, which can be retired on-chain.

For further information on NCT, please visit this blog post from Toucan.

Polygon is a blockchain dedicated to becoming carbon negative in 2022. Read all about it in their Green Manifesto.

Wearable NFT contracts on ReVesture also allow you, upon minting, to choose from a curated list of regenerative projects aiming to restore the Global social & environmental ecosystem.
Donate % of revenue earned on first sales and/or royalties earned from secondary sales to the cause of your choosing.

Coming soon, every NFT holder will receive an additional ERC-1152 that evolves over-time based on the amount of your NCTs collected within all your ReVesture NFTs.


Our mission is pretty simple yet highly complex,
with a dash of fun!

Simple bits

To help everyone reduce & remove global carbon emissions & support regenerative projects around the globe. 🌎

Trickier bits

Nicely packaging that ability into an artistic NFT, using innovative Web3 & blockchain technologies. Digi-physical pairing of real world actions & assets
to new virtual realities.

Dash of fun...

Interacting with this NFT in the virtual MetaVerse. Wear it. Be it. Walk inside of it.


We see a future of interwoven inner & outer worlds - vibrant and playful.

Full of smiling faces, virtual and real, with a sense of adventure & fun.

Celebrating our collective accomplishments of consciously restoring our Planet.

ReVesture aims to remind us all...

Have fun, stay grounded.

Explore new VR worlds, dream beyond your dreams ... but don't forget, we sort of over-did-it on the one we are all standing on.

The Legos

ReVesture sees all the worlds pulling together as One. All the blocks stacking to a brighter future.

Third Web

Third Web was an obvious choice for our Web3 connectivity. We are using their SDK & Smart Contracts for our Marketplace & for our governance & utility tokens.

Third Web

Toucan Protocol

Toucan's infrastructure brings programmable carbon to Web3, unlocking its potential for a regenerative economy. We see Toucan as an ideal lego for what we are building.

Toucan Protocol

We love Giveth & what they stand for, so working on ways to integrate with them is very important to us.


Neos VR

MetaGamers love NEOS & some of us have been building virtual worlds since waaay before 'Meta' became a buzz word.



We 💓 Voxels. Our team has been building things in CV since the start.



The best community & project - the ReVesture team all met in MetaGame & are members of the Regen Guild in MetaGame.

MetaGame on Giveth

Moloch Cloudship

A DAO, a virtual world, virtual offices, co-working spaces & insane amounts of fun.

Cloudship on Giveth


We've loved being part of the Planet Positive NFT hackathon & I know we'll be grateful to you guys for a long time to come. Thank you. 🙏


In the future

Gnosis (Formerly xDai)

We're big fans of the Gnosis ecosystem & see a bridge in the future with cross-chain functionality for ReVesture.


Cosmos Network

We're new to Cosmos but continue hearing great things, so expect cross-chain support with these guys soon™️



MF have been at the fore of the digi-physical game for a relative age. One could say that they're the OGs of the space. Watch this space for IRL wearables to go with your Metaverse EcoSwag.


Toolbox 🛠️



For Artists

Are you a 3D modeling wizard? A voxel renaissance sculptor? A pixel throwing punk?

Calling all artists!

Do you create avatars and wearables for virtual spaces? Maybe build skyscrapers on parcels in various MetaVerses? Well, that's pretty cool. Seriously!

And now, you can mint those MetaVerse NFTs with attached on-chain carbon offset tokens, while supporting regenerative projects for the better of the Earth. Well, that's pretty frikin cool also.

The Process

We're still building but will be updating these sort of things as we implement them.


Phases of ReVesture

Phase One

Q2 2022

Phase One

In progress

  • Build the website and NFT marketplace.
  • Launch first NFTs & matching Wearables
  • Integrate with Toucan NCTs
  • Wearables useable in Cryptovoxels & NeosVR
  • Inspire new Artists
  • Promote Carbon Negative Minting
  • Win the Planet NFT Hackathon
  • Find more Partners & Legos
  • NFT Auction & Wearable Raffle Giveaway at MetaFest2

Phase Two

Q3 2022

Phase Two

  • Create in-world virtual Wearable Marketplace
  • Expand Cross-Chain (Ethereum, Gnosis, Cosmos)
  • Encourage and Build Bridges between Chains
  • Giveth Integration

Phase Three

Q4 2022

Phase Three

  • Offer multi-chain options directly on DAO platforms such as DAOhaus
  • For organizations to offset their carbon footprint while receiving branded wearable NFTs for their members
  • Create erc-1152 NFTs that evolve over time corresponding to your total NCTs

Phase Four

Q1 2023

Phase Four

  • Offer Workshops in VR spaces for wearable design
  • Sponsor Tech And Web3 Youth Education Events

Phase Five

Q2 2023

Phase Five

  • Integrate with in-game wearable purchases
  • Collaborate on DigiPhysical NFTs with MetaFactory

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Ves·ture (vĕs′chər)

  • n.

    1. archaic

      • a garment or something that seems like a garment
      • a vesture of cloud
    2. law

      • everything except trees that grows on the land
      • a product of the land, such as grass, wheat, etc
  • tr.v. re·ves·tured, re·ves·turing, re·ves·tures

    1. To cover or cloak with vesture; to make a positive impact on the climate by purchasing art, offsetting carbon AND supporting regenerative projects around the globe.

The site is in Alpha. 👀 We just finished a hackathon and have been busy forging our ideas and possible partnerships. The marketplace is still under construction, but we are working it. Forgive the bugs, we are squishing them. Watch this space.